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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 21, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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valley. a security guard shoots at a suspect outside a senior living center. out of control wildfire tearing through terrain at yosemite. we'll tell you about campsites under evacuation orders and the local national guardsmen called out to fight the fire. a bit of luck in the bay area. we are seeing that fire danger start to decrease. temperatures will be cooler and feel more comfortable. not as sticky out there. i'll let you know when the dry bay heat area returns. a crash, emergency closurcl. we'll sort out the san jose commute, coming up live to the golden gate bridge where it's too dark outside to see the golden towers on this wednesday, august 21st. this is "today in the bay."
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good morning, i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm marla tellez in for jon kelley. breaking news in syria, two pro-opposition groups say government forces carried out a deadly poisonous gas attack today at ten villages near the capital damascus. death tolls varying widely with some estimates into the hundreds and possibly as high as 1200. british human rights group says regime forces fired rockets with poisonous gasheads killing dozens of people. the syrian government is denying the reports, calling them baseless. nbc news is working to confirm details. a 20-member u.n. chemical weapons team this in syria to investigate previous chemical weapons attacks claims. france will ask that team to visit the site of the alleged chemical attack today. more breaking news. just into our newsroom magnitude
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6.1 quake shaking guerrero mexico, 60 miles from acapulco. the shaking felt in mexico city. no reports of major damage or deaths. breaking news in san jose. police spending several hours collecting evidence from the senior apartment complex, after a would-be burglar was shot by a security guard there. it happened near guadeloupe oak grove park on starwood place. bob redell. >> reporter: at the senior apartment complex here at coleman and almaden expressway. only indication something happened here the police officers investigating and if you see there in the mid ground, in front of the police squad cars a lot of broken glass. that's where we believe auto glass was blown out during the shooting. around 1:30, a squurt guard who we don't believe work for the complex on his way home when he
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saw some people trying to break into his father's car here in the parking lot. there was a confrontation. he tried to detain one of the suspects. this is new information we're getting from sjpd. the suspect got back into his car with three other suspects and reportedly tried to run over the security guard. the security guard then said he saw one of the suspects get out of the car, thought they were going to draw a weapon. he drew his gun first, shot at them, hit one of the people with bullets. those people took off. the security guard is in police custody. >> the security guard is downtown at the police department being interviewed and it's going to be reviewed whether or not he'll have charges pressed against him. >> reporter: this man who shot at the suspected car burglars is not technically under arrest, as you heard the lieutenant saying. they are trying to determine whether or not he will face any charges, whether or not he had a right to draw his weapon and shoot at the suspected car
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burglars. the car that the burglars were in was found a couple miles away short time later. it was a stolen car, and not far from the car was one of the suspects, shot more than once, that person was lying on the ground, suffering from wounds. he has been taken to the hospital, in stable condition. wounds are nonlife threatening. as far as his three accomplices are concerned. police have not been able to find them. again, security guard coming home from work, sees people trying to break into his father's car, happens to confront them, shoots one of them, one of the people is in the hospital, that person is under arrest. the security guard is cooperating with police, they tell us, and trying to determine whether he will face charges as well. live here in almaden, bob redell, "today in the bay." breaking news out of east palo alto where a teenager has died, after being shot inside a car. this happened on emmett way near the university village shopping center. police say shots spotter sensors
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picks up gunfire last night. when officers arrived, they found a 19-year-old man slumped over in the driver's seat of a parked car. he had been shot. he was rushed to the hospital but later died from injuries. police say they are looking for witnesses. new this morning, tense moments in san francisco at city hall overnight. police moved in to clear out dozens of student protesters. about 150 students from city college in san francisco staged a sit-in, the mayor do something to save the college from being forced to close its doors next year. >> it's unclear to us why the mayor won't even be willing to meet the students. so collectively we decided we would wait, hoping that mayor lee would listen to us and meet our demands. instead of doing that, he called the police to arrest us. >> several protesters were arrested for disturbing a public meeting and trespassing. last month the agency ruled the college would be stripped of its accreditation unless changes
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were made to the school's governance structure and finances. the protest came one day after a request for a review of the agency's decision. no one was hurt. no word from mayor lee so far. 6:06. a fast-moving wildfire burning out of control near yosemite threatening hundreds of homes and charring thousands of acres right now at least three camps with local ties have been evacuated. camp mather, the tuolumne and the san jose camp. now air national guardsmen are helping in the firefight. "today in the bay's" christie smith is live in mountain view where the 129th rescue wing took off for yosemite. a busy day ahead, christie. >> reporter: good morning. there is a massive effort under way to try and fight the rim fire more than 700 fire
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personnel involved. many from right here in the bay area. now, a "chronicle" reporter drove through there about 12 miles and tweeted out that the smoke is thicker than san francisco fog. so that's kind of what firefighters are dealing with up there as they try to get a handle on this. near yosemite the fire jumped from 2,500 acres to more than 11,000 and last count 0% contained. as you said a number of air national dpaguardsmen left to h. some of the 2500 structures threatened includes san jose's family camp and students and staff from maybeck high and berkeley, 110 staying there, safely back home. only 15 minutes to evacuate. lightning, they say, still a big concern. in dublin yesterday, 160 acres burned near camp parks. you may have seen the smoke. a smoke used during military
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exercise sparked it. reminder of the bone-dry conditions gripping the area. >> driven by winds and light flashing fuels from the west to the east, approached tassajara road. >> reporter: highway 120 closed, 4 miles west of the groveland ranger station. yosemite not closed but you have to find a different way to get there. live at moffet feel, christie smith. check in with meteorologist christina loren. dry, hot weather conditions can add to the fuel of the flames. >> certainly. however in the bay area for the past three years it's been mile in terms of fire weather. this year, in particular, we're actually doing okay compared to most of the states. i can tell you there's a lot of dry fuel to burn, if anything is igniting. we are watching that today. red flag warning up for the bay area, north bay in particular.
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this year, 92,000 acres burned in california, just to give you perspective. that's the equivalent of 70,769 football fields. so as we head throughout the day today, we'll start to see the fire threat decrease. this is the area where we are concentrating on for the next 24 hours. winds possible southwest 15 to 25 miles per hour, gusts up to 35 miles per hour. the highest risk above 1,000 feet. hopefully we'll see that go down, that red flag warning finally, not extended after 5:00 p.m. tonight. cut off low is hard to track. look at all of the lightning and thunder over the sierra nevada. today hopefully that low will get the push it needs to head into nevada. for us today, we'll see a bit of improvement. temperatures running cooler than yesterday morning. back in the 50s. 58 in san jose. 58 san francisco. lunch hour, 79 on the way to livermore at noon. after which time it's going to
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get toasty in the east bay, up to 90 in the heat of the day in livermore. highs this time of year coming in 3:34 p.m. 79 for san jose where san jose state is heading back to class. 64 in san francisco. i've got the weekend forecast. i think that you might just like it. if you're sick of the humidity, we'll have that in the next report. the drive right now, mike inouye. >> if you're sick of the humidity, christina meant me. 280 northbound, toward us, earlier closure cleared. chp has yet to give the all-clear as far as reports go. i did see it reopen. cars are traveling north 280 on to north 880, good news. they had emergency repair work for the barrels at transition and that is done now it looks like from the flow of traffic here. 101, also improving a bit for oute. we had traffic stopped up 680 up to oakland road. flowing smoothly at 680 and up toward mckee. a look at the map a crash
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reported at oakland road. everything off to the shoulder. recovery's in effect. slow from 680 up toward mckee through the same corridor but compressing. that should start to smooth ow but at volume building for northbound routes. high way 87 from capitol expressway into downtown heavily traveled. as we talk about, san jose state back in for its regular session. more driver heading into downtown that will affect the commute. a live look outside, we'll see how things are for fremont. southbound, headlights, heavier volume coming down south of the dumbarton bridge but close to the limit past the truck scales. how things are shaping up on the bay bridge, metering lights turned on. at 6:00 a heavier volume. fast trak an advantage here. 6:11. two key captures overnight and a key ruling for a former president as chaos continues in
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egypt. where the leaders were caught and what senator mccain is saying about what the u.s. should do about all of the aid we send to that country. more hack tacks from the syrian electronic army. hewlett-packard big news. is hannah anderson the daughter of the man who kidnapped her and set fire to her family's home? we'll tell you who is demanding a paternity test from the amber alert victim, next.
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6:14. a an egyptian court ordered the release of mubarak but officials are not saying if or when he will go free. egyptian authorities have captured two more key islamist leaders, top ally of the muslim brotherhood captured as he tried to escape to libya yesterday.
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a spokesman for the group caught on his way to catch a flight out of the country. egyptian military cracking down on the muslim brotherhood party of former president morsi. overnight republican senator mccain called on president obama to take a stronger stance against egypt which still receives federal aid from the u.s. >> the united states has influence, but if the united states doesn't use that influence, then it has no influence. so far the united states has sent a very, very mixed message to the people who have caused mayhem in the streets of cairo and egypt. >> mccain called for a complete halt in $1 billion aid the united states sends to egypt. we are learning the obama administration is close to making a decision on this federal aid.á6dñ funding to egypt is still intact and no cuts have been made. 45 minutes the man at the
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center of the largest leak of classified histories will learn his fate. expected to sentence manning at 7:00. he faces up to 90 years in prison for leaking more than 700,000 secret documents to wikileaks while working as an intelligence analyst in iraq. the prosecution is asking for a sentence of 60 years while the defense wants manning to spend no more man 25 years behind bars. no matter how the judge rules, bay area supporters of manning, who is gay, will gather at 5:00 at justin herman plaza in san francisco. supporters are also asked to gather in front of the white house to call on president obama to pardon the army private. developing story we are following is out of syria, where rebels are claiming that the government is using chemical weapons. >> that's right. we want to cover -- continue coverage in syria in particular this morning as those on the ground try to get the word out on what exactly happened.
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scott mcgrew, particularly on youtube. >> turning out to be quite a bit of information. we showed you video earlier in the newscast of children getting eyes washed out in syria. it's disturbing, but it's one of dozens videos coming out of syria, one of the only ones we can show you. we don't know at this point what happened or who's responsible but the list of videos uploaded to youtube this morning depicting really or riveric thing -- horrific things. i can only show descriptions they're so awful. the video shows people blue in color foaming at the mouth. again, we do not know specifically what happened. we do know youtube's been an important channel for both the rebels and human rights workers in syria. meanwhile, a group calling itself the syrian electronic army working to shut youtube down. they've managed to knock a number of sites off-line including "the washington post," "time" and cnn.
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some reporting trouble accessing facebook last evening. facebook has not commented on the trouble but it seems to be sporadic. hewlett-packard reports profits some of the past quarterly profits have been just plain shocking. not just lay-offs but announcements the company's made huge mistakes in buying other companies, huge like $8 billion and $9 billion mistakes. wall street will watch that, watch syria, wait for the minutes from the latest fed meeting, get a handle on how the open market committee feels about quantitative easing as well. world marks near six-week low over the concern that the fed is finished buying bonds and what that means for the consumers. >> markets open in 12 minutes from now. we'll be looking at that. looking at forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning. good morning to you at home. a live look now at some temperatures out there.
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61 to kick off a wednesday in livermore. 58 in concord. temperatures feel truer than what we're experiencing over the past couple of days. we had to factor in the heat index. this is what we're working with today. humidity dropping off. still muggy but i can tell you right now, witness you walk out your front door, notice a difference. red flag warnings posted up for the north bay been that should stand until 5:00 p.m. tonight. we could see it lifted earlier. we'll left you know if that's the case. activity pushing into reno, as we head throughout the next 48 hours cut-off low's going to linger, sitting and spring until it fizzings out and we should by friday into saturday start to feel that dry bay area heat. but what i can tell you wins are a factor as the system lingering to our east. fairfield southwest wind at 28 miles per hour. hold on to your steering wheel as you cross the open water bridges especially bay bridge. cities reporting wind out of the west. 90 for livermore.
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64 san francisco and 79 in san jose. that's going to get the marine influence. it gets cut off in the extreme east bay. 90 livermore. next couple of days temperatures level off. comfortable conditions out there with the humidity dropping off. back to the 80s saturday through tuesday. check on your drive with mike inouye. >> good morning. looking at a slow drive northbound 101 up towards us 680/280. traffic here approaching mckee, that's the focus of the bulk of the slowing north of 680 toward mckee. earlier crash at oakland, sounds like things have calmed down. that is a trouble spot. sensitive because that's what set off slowing yesterday. right now it's only from tully road up to the scene. 87 shows an ease. traffic flow increasing from capitol expressway to 87. san jose in session, that means
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more commuters. we expect this for 280. slowing 280 atxd 17 but the transition ramp reopened after repair work going on for theñr last hour. south bay looks good. tri-valley 580 toward the dublin interchange not unexpected, typical slowing build here. a good flow of traffic, heavier volume out of livermore and down towards sunol. there may be a shift in traffic flow through the area because livermore school's back in session. pleasanton and dublin you have until next week. that will change things up as folk as just to the schedule. parents if you're lucky enough stay home for the first day of school. approaching east shore freeway and the bay bridge toll plaza easy drive. live look outside, see how things shape up the bay bridge toll plaza and end with the shot, guys with all of the lanes backs up past west grand avenue back to the maze. 6:21. more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, is an amber alert
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victim raeally the daughter of man who kidnapped her? the paternity twist in the hannah anderson saga next. ♪
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welcome back. 6:24. two oklahoma teens held without bail, and bail has been set at $1 million for a third teen after they allegedly shot and killed a college basketball player -- baseball player, rather, out of boredom.
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prosecutor says the 16-year-old sat in the rear of the car and shot christopher lane in the back. 15-year-old james edwards jr. in the passenger seat and 17-year-old michael jones behind the wheel. all three being charged as adults. lane was in oklahoma on a baseball scholarship. his girlfriend has started a facebook page in his memory and wrote, quote, you will always be mine and in a very special and protected place in my heart, end quote. there's a new twist in the kidnapping and rescue of san diego county teen hannah anderson. the family of her alleged abductor wanted to know if he was her father. a spokesman for james dimaggio's family tells the san diego tv station they want dna samples from hannah and her 8-year-old brother ethan to determine if dimaggio was their father. the family says dimaggio named the children's grandmother as the sole beneficiary of his life experience policy, ordering money to be used to care for the children. dimaggio was shot and killed by
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authorities in idaho after he kidnapped hannah anderson and believed to have killed ethan anderson and their mother before setting his home on fire in san diego county. the anderson family says dimaggio did not meet the family until the sixth month of tina anderson's pregnancy. 6:26. the family of michael hastings says they were planning an intervention the same day the award-winning journalist was killed in a firy crash. los angeles coroner's office says hastings had trace amounts of drugs including e amphetamin when he crashed his car in june. the crash was an accident and drugs not likely a factor in the crash itself. his family hoping to get the 33-year-old to go to detox. hastings is best known for writing the rolling stone article that led general mcchrystal to resign as leader of u.s. forces in afghanistan.
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update to breaking news in san jose's upscale almaden valley where a security guard fires a gun at a suspect outside a senior living center. new details next. back to school for more districts in the south bay. where your commute might get more crowded ahead. and how about a look at the golden gate bridge? there you have it. not covered in fog at all. christine na's taking a look at the forecast as traffic rolls into the san francisco bay. 6
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. break news in san jose's almaden valley. new details why a security guard fired shots overnight outside a senior living center. and saving lives on the go. what patrol cars in palo alto will start carrying, that could make all the difference during a medical emergency.i] live look at new york stock
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exchange this morning where the bell has been rung. they're off for this wednesday, august 21st. this is "today in the bay." good morning to you on this wednesday, it is 6:30. i'm marla tellez in for jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we begin with breaking news in san jose where a suspectedckú burglar in the hospital this morning after he was shot by a security guard outside a senior apartment complex in almaden. police tell us the security guard was driving home from work and thought he saw someone break foog his father's car. it happened near the guadeloupe oak grove park on starwood place. police do not believe the guard works at the complex. shattered glass remains. police say the guard confronted a group of four suspects at the site and opened fire. one of the suspects was hit,
6:31 am
he's in the hospital. bob redell getting new information right now on the investigation. he'll have a live report coming up in 15 minutes. two men accused of kidnapping a teenager and hole her captive in lake county for at least two months are expected in the san francisco courtroom today. 30-year-old ryan and 24-year-old patrick are facing kidnapping, drug, and rape charges. authorities say he kidnapped the teen in los angeles and brought her to his home in clearlake. the men allegedly raped the girl and would lock her in a toolbox for day. they're accused of helping her cultivate marijuana at the home. the men scheduled to be in federal court in san francisco for a status conference. 6:31. a bill developed of the deadly limo fire on the san mateo bridge will be the focus in sacramento. the safety bill will appear before the assembly appropriations committee, require safety inspections for all limos regardless of the number of passengers they carry.
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right now only limos reported to hold ten passengers or more undergo safety inspections. the limo that burst into flames on the san mateo may 4th was only licensed to carry eight people or fewer. five women died in that fire. earlier this week, it was determined the fire started after the limo's rear suspension system failed, and no criminal charges will be filed. in an effort to save lives, palo alto getting red c. to install dozens of defibrillators across the city. the city's training both the police and fire departments on how to use the portable life hiv saving devices. eight defibrillators inside&o# palo alto police patrol cars. and 46 others will soon be set up at local libraries, community centers, city hall, athletic facilities and prominent locations in palo alto. by early next year, the city says it plans to unveil an app that will lead people to the nearest device vector control crews will be fighting the deadly west nile virus.
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crews will be fogging for mosquitos in milpitas focusing on the area between dixon landing road, interstate 680, calaveras boulevard and the guadeloupe river. fogging scheduled to start at 11:00 tonight, weather permitting. wednesday brings another warm day but it looks like a cooldown is in store for us. meteorologist christina loren, but we're talking in the 80s. >> yeah, 80s. it's going to feel better than the triple digits we had earlier this week. good morning to you. want to show you what's going on out there via live pictures. bay bridge, you can see choppy out there on the bay to kick off the day. wind out there, it will pick up. throughout the afternoon, that area of low pressure starts to push away from the bay area. just4hñ a spectacular start ove san jose. 6:33 this morning, temperatures are comfortable. fire danger for today, one area that we're watching in particular, that's the north bay especially above 1,000 feet, mt. st. helena, that goes for you
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throughout the next 48, we'll see humidity decrease. hour by hour detail, inland 85 degrees. noon then round out at 90. mostly for the warmer cities across the bay, 90s. it's comfortable even san jose. forecasting 79. 68 at the coast for today. i'll let you know when that cooler, drier weather starts to kick in. seven-day forecast ready to go, taking a sneak peek at the all-important weekend. you've got to work for it first. got to get to work on time with mike inouye. >> get over the bridge. san mateo might be a choice. westbound, taillights away from us. sign reminds you the bay bridge closes the night of august 29th -- 28th and possibly through labor day and the day after when they schedule reopen at the latest. toward the east bay approach. easy drive out of hayward. speeds in the 30s, mid-30s heading down past the congestion
6:35 am
point folks making their way toward 92. 40s south of there toward union city. typical pattern here. castro valley y looking good. northbound 101/87/85 slower drive as volume bills for the south bay. heading into downtown, watch 87 and 280, san jose state back in session. north 101 recover after a crash caused a slowdown. speeds in the 50s and upper 40s north of tully but smoothing out. look at palo alto, peninsula is a nice easy drive north past willow and towards san mateo, no major delays for 101 or 280. 101 in the north bay, southbound side. on the right, commute direction past the curve toward lincoln avenue, building up volume but no problems for speeds here. slow out of petaluma but clear by the time you get to navato ñ101. you mentioned back to school. south bay roadways extra crowded
6:36 am
as more students return to class. issue around san jose state after two days of or yientation classes begin. three school districts return to class this morning, evergreen, orchard, union. the school year begins at livermore valley joint unified school district. in the garcia began began household school. >> i'll be crying. >> 6:36. first look at man accused of shooting a gun inside elementary school near atlanta. we'll show you the new video and give you details from school employees held hostage for hours inside that school. in breaking news, reports of widespread chemical weapons attacks in syria. we sort through the conflicting reports. are the hills alive in sunol? as we take you live outside and give you a look at that. gray overcast skies out there. christina loren is talking about a cooldown.
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get rid of the triple-digit temperatures soon enough. right now it is 6:37. [ marco ] i'm a student at devry university.
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and this is my home team. this is my large lecture hall. this is my professor. and also my coach. this is my booster club. this is the guy who's graduating ready for a great career in technology.
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[ male announcer ] in 2012, 90% of devry university grads actively seeking employment had careers in their field in 6 months. find your career success in the bay area. learn how at >> just into our newsroom, this story in mexico.
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magnitude 6.1 shaking guerrero. the shaking felt as far away as mexico city. so far no reports of major damage or death. 6:40. this morning, also learning more about a 20-year-old man accused of shooting a gun inside of an atlanta area elementary school. new overnight video, showing law enforcement leading michael brandon hill into the county jail. he is a convicted felon, and now faces charges of assault on a police officer and terroristic threats. investigators say hill slipped into the ronald e. mcnair learning academy by following someone authorized to be there. he then held some employees hostage inside the office, forcing one to call a local police station. students were evacuated from the building and bussed to a nearby walmart where parents picked them up. hill fired a half dozen shots at officers until he surrendered.
6:41 am
no one was hurt. update to breaking news in san jose almaden valley where a security guard shoots at a suspect outside a senior living center. breaking news, syria, there are reports of widespread chemical warfare overnight. we investigate the new claims and the wildly escalating death toll reports, next. wall street nervous about that. also nervous about what the fed will do. we're looking at a live picture of the big board. dow industrials falling under 15,000. welcome sight in the sunol area. plenty of low clouds to start the day. temperatures are going to be warm. and not as humid. that all-important weekend forecast coming up in moments. not welcome a traffic flow. slowing north 101. slow traffic toward oakland. that crash has cleared. a backup heres and downtown.
6:42 am
school districts, san jose state back in session. the change to the south bay commute coming up.
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we begin that 15 minutes with breaking news overnight in syria where two pro-opposition groups say government forces carried out a deadly, poisonous gas attack at ten villages near the capital damascus. death tolls varying widely, some estimates into the hundreds and possibly as high as 1200. a british human rights group says the regime forces fired rockets with poisonous gasheads, killing dozens of people. the syrian government is denying reports calling them baseless.
6:45 am
nbc is working to confirm the information. a 20-member u.n. chemical weapons team is in syria to investigate previous chemical weapons attacks claims and france has said it will ask that team to visit the site of today's alleged chemical attack. the u.s. embassy in yemen is open again. the embassy says one of 19 that shut down earlier this month because of a terrorist threat from al qaeda. most american employees from the u.s. embassy in yemen were word ordered to leave because of the threat. britain and germany are also reopening their embassies in yemen. american airlines says it has fired one of its flight attendants trainees after learning he's on the tsa's no ply list. in an e-mail on tuesday, american airlines says patrick wowle was removed from the program in ft. worth, texas in may. he was accused of making bomb threats to several united airlines flights headed two and leaving from los angeles and
6:46 am
london. arrested in the spring, charged with making false threats and later pleaded guilty as part of a plea deal. happening now. a fast-moving wildfire still burning out of control near yosemite threatening hundreds of homes and charring thousands of acres. right now, at least three camps with local ties have been evacuated in the area. camp mather, run by the city of san francisco, the tuolumne, and the san jose family care, and now air national guardsmen from the bay area are helping the firefight. "today in the bay's" christie smith is live where the 129th rescue wing took off for yosemite. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the growth potential for this fire this morning is rated as extreme. hundreds of firefighters trying to help fight the rim fire, including many from right here in the bay area. conditions are still not on their side. zero percent containment still.
6:47 am
a reporter from "the san francisco chronicle" closer to the scene tweeted out this morning that she drove through the area another groveland 12 miles and the smoke was as thick as san francisco fog which lets you know what conditions are like this morning. air national guardsmen from the 129th rescue wing, they're there by 120 near yosemite, more than 11,000 acres burned, 2500 structures threatened. lightning strike a concern along with wind and dry conditions. all students and staff at maybeck high and berkeley getting safely back home. reports the camp is being used as a staging area for firefighters. the evacuations, they say, came quick. 15 minutes to get out. >> there was a point when it started moving quickly and so it caught us sort of by surprise that cal fire came up and said you've got to go. >> reporter: in dublin yesterday, you may have seen
6:48 am
that huge plume of smoke. 160 acres burned at camp park, a reminder of the conditions in the bay area that we've seen under this red flag warning. also camp mather, you mentioned earlier, owned by the city of san francisco, evacuations there. yosemite, of course not closed but 120 is closed near the groveland ranger station. reporting live, christie smith, "today in the bay." high fire danger continues. want to check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> reporter: good morning. good morning to you at home. we still have fire danger for at least the next month and a half which dry conditions across the state of california. so far, 190,000 acres burned in the state of california. so it's definitely one of the years we don't want to let our guard down. for the past three years, we've had a calm time peer. that means plenty of fuel out there available to burn. all it takes is one cigarette
6:49 am
butt out the window, one dry lightning strike. if you ever see anything, you're on the highway, find a safe place to pull over and report it as soon as possible. our local heroes will get it knocked down. today we have that threat for dry lightning in the north bay. areas shaded in red that goes for everywhere except the immediate coast, marin, sonoma county. over the sierra nevada, lightning over the past 12 hours. today as we accumulate daytime heating more of the same. flash flood watches in place for tahoe. keep that in mine. stay opportunities to the changing weather conditions. wind speeds playing a factor this morning. sustained at 28 miles per hour in fairfield. throughout the day it's that wind, marine influence out of the west that's going to keep temperatures in the 70s, even here in san jose. 79 for ups 90 livermore. 64 on the way to san francisco. you'll hit the 70s in santa
6:50 am
cruz. you have the day off and hit the beach. thursday into friday, temperatures level off. this weekend that dry heat returns. sunshine on saturday. more clouds on sunday. but temperatures back to average. let's take a look at your drive with mike inouye. >> look out here, bay bridge, incline here. there's the new span. so just about a week from now, maybe one day longer, you're not able to use that incline ever more. right now you have to. there's a stall reported. can't see the exact incident. we'll look back at abay bridge toll plaza. the backup but you saw the incline moving smoothly. with the stall reported and the bridge crew heading out it may slow down the metering lights and you may see backup. right now it's back to the berkeley curve for the slowing. and we see speeds into the 30s coming off the maria shriver with the race -- merge. past that, in the 50s through berkeley, again approaching emeriville.
6:51 am
slowing southbound 880. traditionel from 238 toward a street and the merge toward at san mateo bridge. south speeds in the mid-30s toward union city. 880 good congestion that will creep into fremont. 84 west through livermore, steady slowing towards sunol. slowing out of pleasanton toward the golf course. livermore schools back in session. that will change the traffic to the freeway to the areas. a look toward the south bay. northbound 101 slowest speeds, 50s from capitol expressway to oakland road. 87 into downtown, 280 to downtown, more congestion. san jose state back in session. breaking news in san jose's almaden area. police spending several hours this morning collecting evidence outside an apartment complex for senior citizens after a would-be
6:52 am
burglar shot by a security guard near guadeloupe oak grove park on starwood place. bob redell live at the scene. >> reporter: behind me that shattered auto glass marks the spot where the suspected car burglar was shot. the man who shot him turns out might not face charges. he was a security guard trying to protect his dad's car, according to sjpd. around 1:30 the security guard on his way home when he confronted his man trying to break into his dad's car in the parking lot at the senior apartment complex at coleman and almaden expressway. he tried to detain him but the suspected car burglar got back into another car with three accomplices. during their escape they almost ran over the security guard. then one of the men gets back out of the car, apoors to draw a weapon. the security guard, fearing for his life according to police, shoots and hits one of the
6:53 am
suspected burglars. >> the security guard is downtown at the police department being interviewed and it's going to be reviewed whether or not he's charged. >> reporter: police did find the getaway car not far from here. turns out it was stolen. not far from it lying on the ground, a suspected car burglar suffering from two gunshot wounds in the hospital, expected to survive but legally in a lot of trouble. under arrest for trying to break into cars. for the security guard, as you heard a lieutenant say, he's also in custody, not technically under arrest, being interviewed, trying to determine whether or not what he did was legally correct. it should be determined some time soon. they need to get people to ask more questions. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> investigation continues there, bob. crime is actually very rare in the almaden valley part of san jose. but recently it's seen an uptick in violence and police activity including a deadly stabbing that happened not far from today's
6:54 am
shooting investigation. the victim in that case was a 27-year-old man stabbed to death at almaden. guadeloupe oak grove park in march. police arrested a 20-year-old suspect days later. back in january, an elderly couple tied up, forced into the bathtub at gun point while burglars ransacked they're home. three have been arrested in that case. breaking news out of east palo alto where a teen has died after shot inside a car. this happened on emmett way near the university village shopping center. shot spotter sensors picked up the fire last night when officers arrived, they found a 19-year-old man slupmped over a driver's seat in a parked car. he died from his injuries. new this morning, tense moments at san francisco's city hall as police moved in to clear out dozens of student protesters. about 150 student can from city
6:55 am
college in san francisco staged a sit-in, the mayor do something to save the college from being forced to close its doors next year. >> it's unclear to us why the mayor won't even be willing to meet the students. so collectively we decided we would wait, hoping that mayor lee would listen to us and meet our demands. instead of doing that, he called the police to arrest us. >> the protesters were arrested for disturbing a public meeting and trespassing. >> last month the regional agency ruled the college would be stripped of its accreditation unless changes were made to the governance structure and finances. the protest came one day after a request for a review of the agency's decision. no one was hurt in the protest. so far, no word from mayor lee. 6:55. a lot of people in palo alto holding their breath waiting on hewlett-packard. >> scott mcgrew, good reason to be anxious.
6:56 am
good morning. most companies report profits, once a quarter. hp in the past couple of quarters announced disaster. we have no reason to think hp has necessarily bad news this quarter but looking back, just in the past year, the company's announced write-downs and losses worth $17 billion. announcing it made $8 billion mistake with eds, buying that company. another $9 billion in write-downs for autonomy. in that time, it's announced lay-offs of tens of thousands of we don't expect terrible news and there are some signs that meg whitman, who inherited some of the problems, is stemming the bleed. we'll know more after the bell. big news today. also watching barnes & noble. shares up slightly after just crumbling yesterday. more big losses in the number of books purchased in east store continues to fall, same-store sales. one important data point is that one of the reasons, of course, people are using the kindle,
6:57 am
buying books there, buying fewer book. barnes and noble, another big reason is last year you had that book "50 shades of grey" lots of people bought it. this year, no such book. >> one book. >> popular. >> amazing. >> apparently so. >> christian gray, what are we going to do with him? no comment. 6:57. time to check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. she's got a look at high fire dang somewhere warmer temperatures that we've been having. >> it has been so warm out there. you know what? today it's not going to feel as bad. temperatures true it form because temperatures are going to be 90 in livermore. and we lose the humidity, so we lose the heat index. morning drive, san jose back to school. see if there's any impact on the roads yet with mike inouye. >> good morning. we talk about that, san jose school districts. we have three more districts and san jose state 280 past san jose
6:58 am
state. this is up toward the 880/17 interchan interchange. look at all of the cars towards us things are jamming from downtown two 880/17 interchange and continuing to cupertino. here than stretch from 87 downtown, san jose state traffic will impact you for the guadeloupe parkway and 280. continuing up towards saratoga, lawrence expressway and coop cupertino toward the apple campus, the spaceship thing they'll build there. north 85 slowing towards saratoga. heavier volume. we'll end with the south bay look. now a look at the top stories that we've been following throughout the day for you at 6:58. awe suspected burglar in the hospital after shot at a san jose apartment complex for seniors. the suspect and three others try to break into the cars in the parking lot. one of the suspects was hit. he's expected to recover. the security guard is being
6:59 am
questioned by police. syrian rebels claim the government launched missiles at them loaded with poisonous gases. video from damascus claims to show the aftermath of one of those strikes. it's hard to watch. chemical weapons team from the u.n. is already in syria to investigate previous claims of chemical attacks. the sentencing hearing for bradley manning gets under way in minutes. manning is the army private who leaked military documents to wikileaks. the prosecution is asking for a sentence of at least 60 years while the defense wants manning to spend no more than 25 years behind bars. magnitude 6.1 quake shook guerrero, mexico this morning as we give you a look at map here. this is 60 miles from the resort town of ouk ka pull co. shaking felt in mexico city. no reports of major damage or deaths. buildings were seen swaying in the midst of the quake and some people had to be evacuated.
7:00 am
good news, no major damage. >> back at 7:25 with a live local news update. >> thanks for being with us. good morning. breaking news. good morning. breaking news. nbc's richard engle will have the latest in a live report. searching for a motive. new details on the 20-year-old suspect that opened fire with an assault rifle inside an elementary school near atlanta. parents across the country wonder how it happened again. we'll talk to a man that lost his son in newtown. airborne. a woman catches the moment a pickup truck crosses the median and goes across the highway. incredibly, that driver is expected to make a full recovery today, wednesday, august 21st,


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